I Have to Hate Your Music. That’s My Job


Boy 12 and Girl 15 got Zunes for Christmas. What was Santa thinking?! I mean, c’mon Old Man! As if teens and tweens weren’t already hard enough to talk to, you bring them gadgets that invite them to ignore their parents. Plug in the old headphones and suddenly the “I didn’t hear you” defense is plausible.

Not only that, but it dumps directly into their brains the pop culture trash that it used to be easier for me to filter. Girl 15 registered an account at Amazon.com, using her own debit card, and promptly downloaded songs by…Fergie?! Yes, that Fergie: “Ima git git git you drunk, git you drunk on my lady humps. My humps, my bumps, by lovely lady lumps.” I guess I was hoping she’d go straight to the Zeppelin or Floyd. Or at least The Beatles, for Pete’s sake! So she likes Fergie, despite all my several minutes of erstwhile Fergie mocking. I’d rather not have known that about her. And I’ll never admit it—Girl 15, avert your eyes—but Fergie’s tunes are kind of catchy, even if the lyrics are mind numbing.

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Several Ways to Climb a Mountain

Back in the fall, before the snow fell, Boy 12, Boy 7 and their 7-year-old cousin hiked up into the hills near our home. (It’s a mountain range, really, not just a hill. But since they weren’t going far, “hill” gives a truer impression.) Their destination was “the tree house,” which is not a tree house at all, but a pair of rope swings—how the spot got its name I’ll never know. Kids are liars, all.

There are two rope swings tied to a large Cottonwood tree. You sit or hang on the stick tied to the end of the rope and then swing out over the steep trail you just hiked to get there. The tree is on a relatively level spot on an otherwise steep hill, so when you swing out, you’re a good 10 meters from the ground at the apex. Boys, being boys, love it. Even I love it, and I get scared on a Ferris wheel. So the rope swing is a true test of my outer limits. This cheap thrill can be yours for the cost of a steep 20 minute hike up the mountain.

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How To Know If A Woman Is Ready To Be Kissed

It can be tough being a man. You’re expected to have the first date planned to run perfectly, including making the first move. It’s a lot of pressure, especially if you’re not self-confident or you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while.

How do you know if she wants you to say goodbye as friends or if she wants the storybook goodnight kiss?

Easy Signs That She’s Ready To Pucker Up

You’re on your second date.

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4 Variations of Boot Camp Exercises

We’ve covered some of the main boot camp exercises but it’s time to look at what the next step is. A lot of people quickly get bored of doing the same old same old week in and week out so we’ve taken the liberty to look at some key variations in traditional boot camp exercises. By adding these to your workout without weights you’ll start building muscle faster by shocking the muscles as well as focusing more on one side at a time:

1. Alternating Push Ups

Starting off with the push up switch up. If you can’t do a one handed push ups (let’s face it, most of us can’t… yet) then it’s time to try alternative push ups. You can accomplish this by finding an object between six inches and a foot high that will support your weight and fits under one hand. From here adopt your typical push up position and simple place more weight on the raised hand thus alleviating pressure from the opposite arm. You can do one side at a time or if you’re feeling energetic try switching side to side by pushing off each hand

2. Alternating Pull Ups

These are challenging, especially if you’re new to working your back. You start by adopting a typical chin up or pull up position and simply putting more weight onto one side of your body. This requires some mental willpower but when you master it you’ll be able to train each side of your back individually

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Why Strength Training Will Help You Avoid Rejection & Give You More Freedom

In this post, I’m going to explain why strength training is one of the smartest ways to improve your body image and why it will help you avoid rejection and give you more freedom.

Why strength training will help you avoid rejection

No one likes being rejected. Think back to when you were at school and you didn’t get picked for something because people didn’t think you were good enough, or you got dumped by a girl because she fancied someone else. Makes you feel like cr*p, doesn’t it?

The same thing applies when you’re an adult. No one wants to be turned down for a job or rejected by a girl, it just plain sucks and makes you feel like when you were a kid all over again. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee never to be rejected again but you can reduce the chances of it happening.

When it comes to rejection, your body image plays an important role. Girls like guys with good bodies, clear skin and great hair for example; it’s only natural. The same applies to a job interview. Employers prefer you to look healthy and well presented because, whether you like it or not, it influences their perception of who you are.

But why does strength training help you avoid rejection?

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4 Steps to your Best Home Workout

If you’ve chosen to complete a workout without weights out of the gym and possibly in the comfort of your own home we applaud you and offer some tip to make your workout that much more effective and efficient. Below are 4 steps to making your home weight free workout the best that it can be!

1.Pick and Choose your Time

This is the first step and by far one of the most important. Sit down with your calendar, pick the time of say you’ll be exercises, how many days a week and how many times a months. Be realistic and leave time for some rest, but also be prepared to push yourself a bit. By setting up and cementing when and for how long you’re going to be doing your workout without weights, you’ll be able to stay more consistent and making your workout a priority!

2.Pick and Choose your Routine

You’ve made time for your workout, now it’s time to choose one. We’ve got some ideas on the website, but there’s also some great bodyweight resources on the DragonDoor website that can help you pick out your perfect routine. If you’re looking for free resources, check out the free resources at the BodyWeightCulture site. Make sure you’re workout is suited to you.

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Balancing your Workout without Weights; Cardio, Stretching and Lifting

A workout without weights is a rather broad definition. It can range anywhere from sprints to push ups or yoga to burpees. Today we’d like to share the value of using balance in your weight free workouts in order to achieve your ultimate physique.

We’ve found that doing only one type of exercise leads to injury and limited capabilities in one or more areas of a person’s life. Being extremely muscular yet unable to run or even walk correctly is hazard, the same as being overly skinny and incapable of lifting a load over one’s own head. The people who look and appear the most fit are generally well balanced individuals strong enough to run, lift and bend to survive any challenge that is thrown at them. This is what we aim to achieve with a weight free workout.

So how does one go about covering all facets of a healthy and in shape person? The most effective methods are to include a balance of different types of training as well as to change the exercise style up every now and then. A workout without weights also gets participants to use their core muscles thus strengthening all other areas in their body.

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Preparing for The GED: Learning Isn’t Doing – I Must Take Action

There are aspects of my work life that I find very easy and pleasant, and others where I’m conscious I have some real weaknesses. One of my greatest failings is that I enjoy learning about a new subject — a new internet marketing technique for instance — much more than I enjoy getting down to work.

I can read and read for hours about GED exam, my hobby is to take GED practice tests, I regularly watch GED prep videos. I’ve become quite an expert on many of these subjects, although I’ve no  courage to take a test. and I’ve done nothing to move forward this direction.

I’m not sure exactly why I find it so hard to take action. I don’t think the pop-psych generalities are necessarily accurate in my case … I’m certainly not afraid of success, nor do I believe that I’m incapable of achieving good work.


Part of the problem, I believe, is that I like to fully understand something before I start working on it. I’m one of the mythical customers who actually reads the manual … I’ve never been willing to just jump in, get to work, and learn new software as I go. At least, not in a situation where the results actually matter; if I’m investing time and resources in order to have a better life, I don’t want to get things wrong. Recently I found this website that about free GED classes and has plenty of free online prep. I joined the newsletter, it’s a truly awesome confidence boost.

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How to Start Using a Workout without Weights

If you’ve gotten into a workout rut it’s time for a change. Doing the same exercise for each muscle group or going on the same run each day will start to have less of an impact on your health because your body becomes used to the exercise and thus expends less energy completing the movement. If you’ve ever reached this point, often if you’ve become noticeably bored with your routine, it can help to add some bodyweight exercises and start create a workout without weights.

Even if you’re just starting it’s easy to start working boot camp exercises or other elements of a weight free workout into your day. If you’re used to lifting weights for your chest or back, try switching one of the exercises with pull ups (or assisted pull ups) or adding in push ups instead of bench press. Push ups are great because they have infinite variations like clapping push ups, incline/decline pushups (use a block), slow push ups etc.

You’ll find adding in these exercises will not only make your workout more challenging but also workout other muscles in your body less commonly worked doing weighted exercises like your core. If you’re big into cardio try switching up your training style, running intervals instead of long distance, going up and down hills or varying up the type of cardio between biking, running or rowing.

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